We Thank These Awesome Sponsors of MODXpo 2013

The sponsors below are making MODXpo 2013 possible. We sincerely appreciate their support for the MODX community, MODX and Open Source Software. Please check them out (did we mention they were awesome?) and, at the very least, be sure to thank them.

Find out how your company can become a sponsor of MODXpo 2013 or get in touch with modxpo@modx.com.

Sponsors of Previous MODXpos

The following companies were sponsors of previous MODXpos: Microsoft, Softlayer, Sterc, Mark Hamstra, Jeroen Kenters Web Development, Oost Design, KRSTN, turnmeon audiovisual media solutions, bytethinker, coexcz, and AnyScreenSize.

Join these amazing companies and get your brand exposed to a global audience of developers, designers and creatives accross the MODX universe by sponsoring MODXpo.

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