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Susan Ottwell
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About Susan Ottwell

Susan Ottwell, better known as "sottwell", is a semi-retired grandmother of eight. Her computer skills, including PC hardware, networking and programming from assembly to C++ are self-taught. She firmly believes that if she could do it, anyone can.

Around 2000 Susan decided to settle on one technology, deciding to focus on web development using PHP. She discovered Etomite with its then-known-as MODx extensions, began poking around in the code, and hasn't looked back since.

After years of near-reactionary refusal to "desert" the Evo code base, in mid-2012 she finally made the leap of faith to Revolution. While she loves coding and template-building, Susan's favorite activity is teaching others what she knows. Since she learned everything she knows the hard way, she feels that she has a special understanding of how to help "newbies" grasp the basics of using MODx, as well as get a firm grounding for expanding into more complex MODx development.


Building Blocks of MODX—Day 1 at 12:00