Session: Day 1

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First Steps with MODX

Day 1 at 10:00 & 11:00

MODX is awesome. Everybody at MODXpo will agree to that. But is that true? What if you don't have a clue about MODX? What if you are on this long search through the bizarre landscape of CMSistan (we've ALL been there, too!) and every CMS you meet tells you something like "I am the best!", "I rock!", "You will fall instantly in love with me!" etc.? How to know which CMS is right? Well, the answer is simple: You can't. There is no "best" CMS – there is only a "best CMS for YOU". It just depends on what you want/need and what you are capable of.

So, long story short: If you are a skilled web designer with decent knowledge in HTML and CSS, who wants control over his code without being force to use a specific technology or whatever, if you are a "blank canvas guy" who tailors websites that just fit his clients needs and demands – then MODX will make you happy. And if you even know some JavaScript and PHP, then you are in paradise.

This session will give you a brief introduction into the way MODX works. You will learn about the basic concepts and will have the chance to ask our MODXperts anything you want about how this or that is achieved in MODX. Since MODX provides you with a solid backend for any kind of online content, you can do whatever frontend magic you like to do. We like to call that Creative Freedom.