Session: Day 2

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Distros for Success: The 6 Ps

Day 2 at 17:00

We [the team at Blaze Concepts] have developed a custom distro of MODX Revolution that we roll out with every website build. This has been created in order to negate the need to complete repetitive tasks and thereby aid rapid prototyping, help the development team error check and to make the client CMS experience as palatable as possible. It has never been accurately measured but it probably saves us weeks of work on every project.

The 6 Ps are: Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. The talk is geared towards anyone who used and deploys MODX in a commercial environment (especially if they work in a team); it will not be overly technical so should be understood by the whole audience. It should be interesting to see a different perspective on how the MODX manager can be heavily customised; there will be at least one thing for everyone to take away in order to improve how they work with MODX. There are 50+ pages and hundreds of elements as a baseline before we even commit a line of code on a client project.

Some of the areas it will cover will be:

  • Working as a team on a custom Revo build
  • Custom install sequences
  • Dashboard customisation
  • Developer error checking mechanisms using snippets
  • Prepared ACLs and resource groups
  • Form customisation best practice
  • Snippets we've made, all geared around streamlining processes
  • The core 'hacks' we have introduced
  • The HTML framework and how we template with this
  • Ecommerce with MODX
  • Training and supporting your clients (the MODX users)