Session: Day 2

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Continuous Integration & Deployment with MODX

Day 2 at 15:30

Just over a year ago we (Adido) decided to adopt MODX as our primary CMS in favour of our in-house platform Dub3 - one that we'd been using for almost 10 years.

As a full-service Digital Agency servicing over 300 clients both in the UK and Europe we faced a number of challenges, whilst also giving ourselves the opportunity to revisit our methods of Continuous Integration & Deployment.

We've learned a number of lessons along the way working with MODX, from continuously building new features within teams of multiple developers to deploying to scalable server farms.

Jenkins, RunDeck and Rackspace; if you're a fan of these then you'll have an insight into what we'll be exploring in this session, and what our guys at Adido are up to.

MODXpo - Continuous Integration and Deployment from Chris Cherrett

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