Two Days of Inspiring, Informative and Educational Sessions


State of MODX

MODX Co-founder and President, Ryan Thrash (rthrash) will deliver his keynote on the past and present of MODX, offer some major news for the MODX Community and will discuss where MODX 3 is headed (with your input of course).

Day 1 at 09:15

First Steps with MODX

This session will give you a brief introduction into the way MODX works. You will learn about the basic concepts and will have the chance to ask our MODXperts anything you want about how this or that is achieved in MODX. Since MODX provides you with a solid backend for any kind of online content, you can do whatever frontend magic you like to do. We like to call that Creative Freedom.

Day 1 at 10:00 & 11:00

Extending MODX User

This session will show and describe how to use a component-like, structured way of adding additional data tables and relationships to modUser users.

Day 1 at 14:00

Contributing to MODX

As an open source project, MODX has the benefit of tapping into a large community of users, designers and developers to grow and improve. In this talk, Mark talks about how everyone can contribute in their own way and what has the biggest impact. Obstacles like Git will be broken down and the community will celebrate.

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Day 2 at 12:00

Continuous Integration & Deployment with MODX

Just over a year ago my company (Adido) decided to drop our in-house .NET CMS in favour of MODX. As a full-service Digital Agency servicing over 300 clients in the UK and Europe, we faced a number of challenges, whilst also giving ourselves the opportunity to revisit our methods of Continuous Integration & Deployment.

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Day 2 at 15:30

Distros for Success: The 6 Ps

Blaze Concepts uses a custom distribution of MODX Revolution to speed prototyping and deployment and feel it accounts for weeks cut from project timelines.

Day 2 at 17:00