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MODXpo Europe Location


MODXpo 2013 will be hosted at STARTPLATZ in the Cologne's Media Park. The tall and open atmosphere of the Media Park will provide a magnificient stage to look at through the panorama windows of Startplatz while listing so the hottest MODX stuff.

There are separate breakout rooms available for people that need to get some work done or want some hands-on demos. Sponsors are available for a chat in the hall which is also where lunch and drinks are served throughout the day.

STARTPLATZ · Im Mediapark 5 · 50670 Köln · Germany

Traveling by Car (Magenta)

When coming to Cologne by car (The magenta line in our map), via the highway A57 from north, you only would have to turn left after leaving the highway. Since you cannot turn left directly at this crossing, you have pass it and do a left lane u-turn (next to the Radio-Tower). Then you turn to the right (Watch out for bicycles!). From then on it's just straight ahead. Near the tunnel follow the left lane which leads to the underground "Parkhaus" (parking lot). Whatch out for the blue "P" signs. We've chosen a magenta "P" in our map ;-). The daily maximum fee for the MediaPark underground parking lot is 15,- €.

Visitors traveling by car need a "Feinstaubplakette" (emission sticker for micro particles) when driving inside Cologne. This is about keeping the air clean – or just another way of getting some money into the city's pockets? Well, this way or another, you should get an Emission sticker for 5,- € — or try your luck. ;-).

Traveling by Plane (Cyan)

From the Airport Cologne/Bonn (Köln/Bonn) you can use the S-Bahn Line 13 (Linie 13) to travel directly to Cologne Central Station (Köln HBF/Hauptbahnhof). From there you can use a cab (Taxi) or, if you ride just one stop further to station Hansaring, you can even reach the MediaPark with a 500m walk.

Traveling by Train (Cyan)

You will either arrive at Cologne Central Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof), which is cool – or at Köln Deutz/Messe, which is a little uncool, but still OK. From both places you can either take a cab (Taxi) or use the S-Bahn Line 6, 11, 12 or 13 which takes you one stop further (two stops from Köln Deutz/Messe) to the station Hansaring. From there you can reach the MediaPark with a 500m walk.

Take a cab if you wanna do the "sightseing" walk later. ;-)


Also see airbnb.

Other places

  • 2 U-Bahn/Metro "Hansaring"
  • 7 U-Bahn/Metro "Christophstr./Mediapark
  • 8 S-Bahn "Hansaring"
  • 9 Cologne Central Station Main Exit (Taxis/Cabs)
  • 10 Speaker Dinner @Jan von Werth